The ICT Department at Penrith Christian School is continually trying to push the boundaries with technology in education. We have our own server room which is connected to the Internet via fibre technology. The School has a robust firewall which is co-managed with Family Zone (Cyber Safety). The firewall provides safety for all students and staff at the School whilst on the Internet.


Our network has a 1GB backbone which covers the entire property inclusive of ImagineNations Church. We have over thirty six wireless ports creating a mesh network that covers all buildings and open spaces inbetween. The wireless technology can only be accessed via a user password. This security measure also provides individual user reporting if requested.


The School Servers are very new and powerful, and work together to do all processing at the School including the School Database, email, file sharing, printing and user authentication. The storage array (data storage system) holds all data for fast access by the host servers. Our federation server authenticates all users when accessing cloud technology.


Each classroom has a computer which is attached to either a Smart Board or Interactive TV. The rooms provide the teachers and students with technology to showcase work and provide a platform to question, investigate and discover information in multiple ways. Each room also has an Apple TV which can be accessed via the staff or students' iPads. All rooms have full multimedia functionality.


Our ICT team is:

Martin Bishop (Head of Innovation and Technology),

James Dunn (ICT Manager)

Jarrad Meney (ICT Support)

Jacob Bishop (ICT Support)


The Team is proactive and provides support throughout the week. ICT can be contacted via email at or telephone School Reception (02) 4737 4300.