Food and Clothing

Daily requirements

Student Clothing Requirements

Toddler children can wear comfortable clothing that promotes sun safety by covering shoulders. Closed-in, jogger style shoes are also recommended.

Preschool children are required to wear the PCS sports polo shirt. Where possible, pants/shorts should be navy blue and children need to wear closed-in, jogger-style shoes.

Prep children are required to wear more of the PCS Sports Uniform and jogger-style shoes in line with our School Uniform Policy and Procedures. The full Sports Uniform includes the PCS polo shirt and PCS sports shorts.

For all children in our Early Learning Centre, a hat is provided for your child upon enrolment. The hat will remain at the centre for the year, so that your child can always participate in outside play experiences.


Food is not provided at PCS. We request that parents pack healthy, nutritious food in clearly labelled containers or paper bags, in a lunchbox with an ice pack. A water bottle should also be provided each day.