Tuition & Costs

We are dedicated to providing affordable and quality education to all families.

All Inclusive Fees

The tuition fee & stage levy are all inclusive and covers camps, excursions, textbooks, technology, and stationery packs.

Fees also cover the cost of a laptop for a Yr7 student which is owned by the student at the completion of Year 10.

There are no extra compulsory levies ontop of the tuition fees that will be charged on your account with the execption of minor charges outlined in the fee schedule.


PCS offers family discounts for the 2nd & 3rd child, with no tuition fee charged for the 4th and subsequent children. 

Parents are entitled to a 5% discount on the total tuition fee if the yearly fees are paid in full by the 4th week of Term 1.

PCS also offer academic scholarships & financial hardship scholarships for eligible families

Enrolment Fees

Families that are offered a position in the school are required to pay a $500 refundable bond. Bonds are per family and not charged per child.

A $50 application fee applies for the first student in the family, $30 for the second and third, and no charge for subsequent children in the same family.

Early Learning Fees

The PCS Early Learning Centre is a fully registered Long Day Care Centre allowing families to claim the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

Families with 1 child in ELC may be entitled to a maximum CCS of 85%.

Families with more than 1 child in the ELC Centre will receive a 30% higher subsidy rate for their second child and younger up to a maximum of 95%.