The PCS Way - Our Strategic Plan

We aim to strive for the highest in Truth, Integrity, Excellence & Service in everything that we do, so that we may glorify God.

How we got here and where we will go

With a shift in structure to a very explicit whole school approach, after operating under a three school model, the opportunity arose to see this realised through new procedures and frameworks. A renewed focus on raising the academic standard of our students through more explicit teaching and learning strategies and a purposeful wellbeing approach began in 2021. Although we have sadly seen the opportunities for engaging

face to face with our parent community lessen due to COVID restrictions, our aim is to ensure these connections are meaningfully strengthened again as soon as possible.

Accommodating a very intentional raising of the standard of the operational teams and their structure to support the learning in the school has also come about and we are already seeing the fruit of these changes. All this, together with a determination to identify and access external partnerships and pathways to better serve a diverse student body has culminated in this next Strategic Plan.

The focus remains on the tried and tested foundations found in any school but the freshness in approach will serve the students, staff and wider community even better than it has before. In this next season, our desire is that we say and do through the distinctive of it being #thepcsway

Our Aspirations

To see our graduates leave Penrith Christian School with a passion for a life with Jesus, a desire to engage positively in their world and a maturity to succeed and contribute articulately as a global citizen to the common good

To see our students equipped with knowledge and skills that will see them competitive in a rapidly changing landscape. They will exhibit empathy and compassion as they connect with their world

To see our families meaningfully connected within our community

To see our staff fully equipped and empowered to deliver rich learning experiences both in and outside the classroom

To see our connection with Imagine Nations Church strengthen through events, discipleship, prayer and mission opportunities

We have 5 strategic pillars that underpin THE PCSWAY

  • Our Learning
  • Our Wellness
  • Our Community
  • Our Organisation
  • Our Leadership