Wellbeing and Character Building

We're passionate in our commitment to caring for all members of our community.

School Pastor, Matt Rau helps our students' spiritual growth through Chapel and lunch time LIFE group.
We're passionate in our commitment to caring for all members of our community.

Dedicated and
passionate Christian

We have a dedicated Wellbeing Team, inclusive of counsellors and passionate teachers who are committed to the wellness of our students.

Our environment promotes students with the sense they belong to a safe and welcoming school.

Partnering with our parents

An extension of your family

We strive for our school to be an extension of your family, partnering with our parents and carers to strengthen a positive environment with high quality learning and where children leave the school gates feeling cared and loved for.

This passion is founded on the Biblical truth that all people are created in the image of God and acknowledges that students learn best when they feel safe, valued and well. We believe that God’s intention for His people is to flourish in His world, fortified with the wisdom and character to navigate life’s circumstances.

Pastoral Care

All aspects of the School’s curriculum is taught from a Biblical perspective, using the God’s Big Story framework, and aims to foster development of key character competencies within students.

Each student in the school has the benefit of connecting with a significant adult who’s focus is on their holistic personal growth, considering their Spiritual formation and social development as well as their academic progress. These staff form partnerships with the parents, supporting each child in building their capacity both academically and interpersonally.

Wellbeing Framework

Wellbeing lessons are embedded within the K-12 program, as part of our curriculum enrichment through Personal Learning Labs and Biblical Studies, and are supported through initiatives such as our Student mentoring Program, weekly Chapels, daily Devotions time, camps and excursions.

Focussed time is spent on issues around faith, relationships, leadership and community, whilst also equipping students with study and self-management skills in communication, conflict management, peace-making and resilience.

Wellbeing Support Team

In order for great learning to occur, students needs to have a strong sense of wellbeing as the foundation for their knowledge.

In the Primary School, class teachers are supported two Wellbeing Section Leaders, whilst in the High School, the each year group has an Advisor leading them. Our School Counsellors are onsite every day, available to support students, families and staff with a range of Wellbeing and psychoeducation issues. Our dedicated Health Centre is run by a team of Registered Nurses and Administration Staff, providing quality and professional health care and advice. Students and families are supported to manage a wide range of injuries and conditions, developing Health Care Plans and working alongside external services when needed. Our School Pastor, Ps. Matt Rau is onsite two days a week, playing a key role in the Spiritual growth of students through our Chapel program and lunch time LIFE group.

The PCS Way

Awards and Positive Recognition

The PCS awards and recognition program encourages students to take personal responsibility for their engagement in school life, prioritising student achievement, improvement and commitment to learning, Christian character, school service and participation, and community service. It is a school priority to:

  • recognise student commitment to growing a positive culture;
  • encourage participation in special events and the co-curricular life of the school, and
  • recognise effort across a range of academic and cultural pursuits.

With the support of class teachers and pastoral care staff, the PCS Way aims to instill in our students a life-long commitment to learning, the service of others, and personal excellence.

In 2023 PCS launched this new positive recognition and award system which sees students progress through their PCS Bronze, Silver, Gold and Principal's Platinum Awards dependent upon their own initiative and perseverance. These awards are highly regarded both within and outside of the school, and can be used to contribute to resumés and even for university applications.


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