Learning The Pursuit of Excellence

A nurturing environment that offers a world of opportunity
PCS balances high quality, rigorous academics with balanced student wellness.

Wellness of self and others is our clear point of differentiation.

The growth of capabilities and character to equip students to flourish and play an active and effective part in God’s world is the core of what we do. We strive to provide quality experiences in and out of the classroom, and to ensure that the learning needs of individual students are met irrespective of their starting point.


Authentic real-world
and service-learning

These types of opportunities are a routine part of the curriculum, delivered via Deep Learning, Project-Based, Inter or Multidisciplinary units of work.

Grounded in empathy, such approaches focus the learner on others and instill a sense of capacity, purpose and self-worth. The PCS way invites students to partner in learning and promotes their voice and agency.

High Potential and Gifted students are extended by teachers using a range of adjustment strategies relating to the relevance, pace, choice, challenge, and complexity of learning activities. A focus on higher order critical and creative thinking allows students to explore areas that interest and inspire them. The cocurricular program extends opportunities for students to be a part of academic competitions and enrichment days, and in Stage 6, we have been thrilled to facilitate student participation in University Developed Board Endorsed Courses as a part of the HSC.


Learning Outcomes

where we celebrate all achievements

  • 12+

    theatre courses, clubs and musicals as a part of our Creative Academy

  • 41

    co-curricular areas to pursue your various passions

  • 23+

    competitions to represent PCS on local, interstate and national levels

  • 2

    annual service learning trips to places like Uganda, Mexico and Cambodia

  • 12,367

    resources in our iCentre junior and secondary libraries


Why Christian Education?

The purpose of Christian schooling is the educational and spiritual development of each child.

Excellence in Education

Christian schools aim to prepare students to live full, productive and purposeful lives, contributing to the

Values for Life

Christian schools aim to prepare students to live full, productive and purposeful lives.

Hope for Eternity

Contributing to the wellbeing of their families, communities and as global citizens.

Finding Purpose

Students learn to find their purpose in following Jesus and using their gifts to serve others.

Christian Communities

Christian schools are communities of grace, belief and practice.

Family & Church Partners

PCS is closely aligned with parents and churches in their communities.


Let’s raise Godly kids, together.

In their words

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