Creative and Performing Arts

A vibrant and active learning area.

Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Photography.

We have Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Photography running in High School, and there is always something to get excited about!


Music has several showcase events throughout the year, including the HSC Performance Nights, Open Day, Year 9 Jazz night, Year 10 Australian concert, and the very popular “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” Missions Fundraiser, where students from Primary to High School perform a Variety Show and parents vote with their money.

Visual Arts and Photography

Visual Arts and Photography have regular exhibitions at major events, and throughout the school, and Senior Art classes have their own special “Art With Punch” Exhibition after the HSC Major Works are marked.

Drama & Theatre Sports

Drama runs Theatre Sports in the form of Year 8 Drama Olympics and produces plays which, in some cases have been scripted by the students.

Students are engaged in dynamic learning because they know their products will be shared with the community.