Primary Curriculum

Grades K-6 are an exceptionally well resourced hub of learning activity.

Grades K-6

Our primary school is organised around our children to provide vibrant classrooms that are typified by enjoyment, engagement, discovery, and curiosity.

Our aim is for all students to be able to experience wonder and excitement and we encourage them to take risks whilst developing their skills in becoming independent learners and further growing their personal responsibility.

The curriculum at PCS has been carefully envisioned to provide outstanding educational opportunities that will challenge, activate, stimulate and celebrate learning, allowing every student the best opportunity for them to reach their potential as both a learner and member of the wider community.

The core subjects (of) taught are:

  • Literacy (English)
  • Numeracy (Mathematics)
  • Science ( & Technology)
  • History and Geography (HSIE)
  • Creative Arts, and Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE)

We have an emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills embedded throughout which assists with the development of a firm foundation.

There is Learning support available on site for students requiring additional assistance. Our professional staff are adept at providing more challenging activities to engage the students at PCS seeking extension.

Dedicated Teachers
and Staff

Penrith Christian School offer dedicated teachers who plan and implement programs in Digital Technologies and Robotics, Biblical Studies, Music and Visual Arts. Each class has a core teacher responsible for their education and well-being and also benefits from participation in lessons with teachers who are passionate & knowledgeable about subjects such as Music and Technology.

Our Teachers have a deep understanding of how their students learn. This done by forming meaningful relationships by understanding how each and every student in their care learns to fulfil their potential. The teaching staff balance the need for the explicit teaching of core concepts through in-depth integrated units, using innovative ways of encouraging cooperative work, research, problem solving and student management of elements of their learning. Our teachers also embed Christian perspectives into lessons and lead devotions with their classes.