Pastoral Care

Penrith Christian School is passionate in our commitment to student welfare and in developing strong Christian character in our students. All aspects of the School Curriculum are taught from a Christian perspective. Biblical Studies, Daily Devotions, Chapel Services, Chapel Band, Junior Choir, Missions, Peer Support, Wellbeing Groups, Camps and Excursions play an essential role in fostering positive relationships and provide opportunities to develop Christian leadership and service amongst our student body. Students are encouraged to have an active faith and to respond to the Lordship of Christ as they discover the unique role for which God created them.


We have a strong Wellbeing program where students are placed in small groups to ensure they are well-known and cared for, and to allow for mentoring and peer support. The School Chaplain and School Counsellors are available to assist students when extra professional support is needed.


PCS participates in the National Schools Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. We have engaged the services of Pastor Matt Rau who is our School Chaplain. Pastor Matt attends the school two days per week and teaches some Biblical Studies lessons, but also connects with our students and staff in many other ways. These include lunch breaks, going along on Camps and Excursions, Sporting Events and Leadership Development Days.



Support and Enrichment

At Penrith Christian School we aim to cater for students with a wide range of abilities. The teaching and learning environment is a place where students are able to achieve their best and are empowered to fulfill their potential. We have well-established Educational Support, and Extension and Enrichment programs to ensure all students can experience success in their areas of strength and have the opportunity to develop any areas of need.


Students are generally organised into ability groups for Literacy and Numeracy with the additional support of teacher’s aides in some sessions. Students with high level support needs have individual learning programs developed in consultation with teachers, learning support personnel and families.  These plans are implemented by classroom teachers in an effort to ensure that all students, regardless of their level of need, are catered for appropriately across all subject areas. 


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