Music - Year 9 (2013)

Compose a piece of Film Music to go with a video clip or to create a mood

• Isaac Pena:
   Composed music to create fear "Scary Alley"

• Yianna Nicholopoulos:
   Here and Now Performance and Movie created by Yianna

• Jarrad Meney:
   Composed music to go with the Mission Impossible film clip


Music - Year 10 Compositions (2013)

Year 10 Australian Compositions

Find an image of Australia and compose a piece of Music to go with the image:

1. Renee Gibson               2. Shadae Epati             3. Christina Petherick

  4. Blake Martin                    5. Lauren Briffa

Music - Year 12 (2013)

Emma Crilly wrote Wanderer for her HSC practical exam. It is in the style of an Indie Acoustic song

Music - Year 10 (2013)

The Year 10 Music class have been looking at the way musicians vary music so they never get bored, through the Classical form of Theme and Variations as well as popular covers.

• Isaac Pena & Jarrad Meney: “Smoke on the Water”

• Mercedes, Jayson & Charles: “All the Small Things”

• Jayson Brady

Music - Year 11 (2013)

Year 11 have been looking at their instrument in the 21st Century, and exploring unusual tone colours and technology. They were asked the question “What can you do as a musician that you couldn’t do 100 years ago?” They had to perform a modern piece showing different tone colours and compose a piece exploring unusual tone colours and technology on their instrument.



• Guitar Duet by Shadae and Josh



• Joshua DeGuzman studied Japanese Anime and composed music to go with two different Anime clips

• Eczma by Kate Maiden