F1 in Schools - Flight360

The F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge is the world’s largest secondary school technology program. It involves over nine million students from 17,000 schools in 31 nations. Penrith Christian School students competing this year are Jaden Blanco, Rhiannon Moore, Jacinta Lea-Faasolo, Kye Rook and Iswarya Raju. The team name is Flight360.


Across the world students are taking on the challenge and our students are no different.


The members of Flight 360 have spent time working on this competition during holidays, their free time and during school time to achieve their aim in going as far as possible in the competition.


The Competition has four stages;

  • • Regionals

  • • State

  • • Nationals

  • • Worlds


Obtaining sponsorship is a main part in the competition because the sponsors help find the many resources needed to partake in the competition. The Teams two major sponsors are Evotec and Harbour IT both have been generous in their sponsorship and have helped the team compete in this competition.


Meet the students and find out what their roles in the team are!


Jaden Blanco/Team Leader


Jacinta-Lea Faasolo/Design Engineer


Rhiannon Moore/Resource Manager


Iswarya Raju/Graphics Design


Kye Rook/Manufacturing Engineer