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F1 in Schools

The F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge is the world’s largest secondary school technology program. It involves over nine million students from 17,000 schools in 31 nations. Penrith Christian School's team in 2016 was Flight360.


The patron is Formula1™ supremo Bernie Ecclestone along with the Formula1™ teams who are co-patrons.


Students as young as 10 are designing, testing and making miniature F1™ cars capable of 80 km/hr.


But, it is not about fast cars. F1 in Schools™ is a holistic action learning program which focuses on developing long term employability skills. Students learn leadership, team building, project management, business planning, public speaking, marketing, collaboration, writing and presentation skills.


Many students engaged in this program have been offered employment by industry before completing their studies. Others are pursued by universities with competing scholarships. And one has even been headhunted into the real world of Formula1™ racing as an Aerodynamics Engineer.


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