Junior School

About Junior School

Junior School caters for students in Kindergarten to Year 4. We provide the best opportunity for children to begin their school experience in a positive and safe environment, whilst challenging them to grow and learn.

The curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child as an enquirer – who is actively engaged, enquiring and developing life-long learning skills. Specialist teachers provide instruction in their particular subject area and the class teachers cover the Key Learning Areas. Christian Values are integrated into all areas of the curriculum.

Junior School offers a range of experiences to students through the grades which include: sporting events, camps, excursions, incursions and interest activities. They may also be involved in Extension and Enrichment activities through the Boost program, and be challenged to develop leadership or performance skills. We seek to work closely with parents to identify specific needs and put in place available support. Students are encouraged by being regular recipients of our weekly awards – Personal Learning, Christian Character and Service – as well as other class-based awards.

The Junior School experience opens the door for children to try new things; to learn new things about themselves and their world in a loving and caring environment. Above all, children know they are accepted, are free to make mistakes and are encouraged in the process of life-long learning.