Early Childhood

Early Childhood Services

Penrith Christian School offers a nurturing and enriching Early Childhood environment for students in Preschool and Preparatory School. We provide the best opportunity for children to begin their school experience in a positive and safe environment, whilst challenging them to grow and learn. Our Preschool caters to children who have turned three by 30th April in the year of commencement (although they cannot commence until they turn three years of age). Our Preparatory School caters to children who have turned four by 30th April in the year of commencement.  


The Preschool and Preparatory School is a registered Early Childhood education provider and is consistently reviewing its practices and facilities to ensure the highest possible standards and conformance to the National Quality Framework (NQF). Enrolment options include our school hours program or extended hours program, with care available from 6:30am through to 6:00pm as well as limited vacation care positions also available.


PCS Early Childhood Services incorporates both the ‘emergent curriculum’ and ‘outcome based’ learning and is designed to equip children with essential pre-school skills as well as gradually introduce children to the daily routine of school life. The two and three day program is created to assist students to develop skills that will benefit them as they transition into Kindergarten, but also on their journey as life-long learners. We recognise that the early childhood years are critical in forming a strong foundation in a child’s education. Enrolment in the PCS Early Childhood Service is specifically intended to be part of the whole school experience, enabling you and your child to integrate into the PCS community as well as ensuring their placement in Kindergarten at Penrith Christian School.