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Sarah-Jane Elias: Dance Teacher at Penrith Creative Academy

Hi! My name is Sarah-Jane Elias and I’m the dance teacher at Penrith Creative Academy. I love teaching at the Academy for so many reasons. It is refreshing to teach students in an environment which is free from the pressures and restrictions of conventional dance studios. I believe the Academy Dance classes allow students with different abilities and backgrounds to flourish in dance. They learn good technique, safe dance practice, choreographic skills and group dances, in a safe, Christian environment.


I have been dancing since I was 5 years of age, and teaching dance in a variety of capacities for years. I’ve taught in Private studios, and in the State and Catholic Education System. I have had extensive training in Jazz, Ballet (RAD), Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Drama. My formal training includes a Bachelor of Arts (Dance and Drama), and a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary).


The thing I love most about teaching at the Academy is meeting new students and seeing them grow in confidence and ability; fostering creativity, and nurturing children and inspiring their love of dance is extremely important to me. So if you have a son or daughter who loves to dance, please consider the Academy Dance Program for your child.

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