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Penrith Creative Academy: Group Performance Classes

We have an exciting new opportunity for students who are above beginner level. Group Performance Classes will bring together different musicians (on different instruments), at a similar level, in order to learn, not just how to play their instrument, but how to play it with other people.


This is different to concert band, which is typically 15+ students and multiples of the same instrument. This will be 4-5 students; for example: a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist and a singer. 


Here's what it will entail:

  • The students will be involved in deciding how to play the song, guided by the teacher.

  • There will be an emphasis on not having every song sound the same.

  • They will learn how to keep in time with each other throughout the course of a song (rather than 'I am in time, everyone else is wrong!')

  • They will learn how to be in tune with other instruments, as the instruments warm up or as songs change, and make adjustments.

  • They will learn how to warm up their instrument with other instruments, (for example, before a gig or before playing at church).

  • There will be a heavy emphasis on team work and inclusion.

  • Everyone will get some solos or highlights, everyone will have parts of some songs where they don’t play or come in later.


Classes are $15 a week on Thursdays after school.


In addition, in the first week of school holidays, there will be an opportunity for groups to record one of their songs in the on-site recording studio. The students will be given a copy of that recording, and as they improve as a group and in their recording skills, they will be able to record more songs at the end of each term.


If your student is interested in participating in one of these classes please email Janis at academy@pcs.nsw.edu.au

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