All medication and treatment of first aid is administered by qualified staff trained in Senior First Aid.


The school is not authorised to administer any medication including 'Paracetamol or Aspirin' to any student without express permission by the parent/s or guardian/s of the student concerned. Authorisation to administer 'Paracetamol' is given via the Medical Information Check sheet completed and returned to the school by parents at the commencement of each school year or at enrolment.


If it is necessary to administer 'Paracetamol' to a Kindergarten – Year 6 student, the school will contact the parent/s or guardian/s for authorisation on each occasion. Should a student require ongoing medication of any kind, including ointments and creams, it should be handed to School Reception for administration as required. Medication must be clearly labelled and in a zip-lock bag, with the student's name and dosage.


Medication administered on a daily basis should be placed in containers, which have separate divisions for each day of the week, clearly labelled with student's name and dosage.Students are not permitted to have medication on them or in their bag with the exception of Asthma medication.


Penrith Christian School is an 'Asthma Friendly School' and has adopted the following strategies to assist students with asthma:

  • • Having asthma medications available to students with asthma;

  • • Keeping asthma records for students with asthma;

  • • Emergency asthma education and procedures provided for all school staff and

  • • Having a plan for managing asthma during school sporting activities, excursions and camps.


These strategies are aimed at improving the management of asthma at PCS so students with asthma are able to participate fully in the daily school activities as well as further assisting staff with their 'Duty of Care' obligation to students.


Penrith Christian School is an ALLERGY AWARE SCHOOL. We request students to not bring food items to school that contain nuts or nut products, especially Peanut Butter and Nutella.


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