Grievance Handling

Protocol for Grievance Handling

Grievances Policy


We understand difficulties or misunderstandings can arise and request parents/guardians proceed with the following Resolution Process.


Step 1
• Discuss the matter with the class teacher, or teacher concerned, directly.
• Having spoken with the teacher, if you are still concerned, make an appointment to discuss the matter with the Stage Coordinator or Subject Coordinator.
Step 2
• If the matter is still a concern then discuss this with the Head of School – Junior, Middle or Senior.
Step 3
• If the matter remains unresolved to your satisfaction, the next step is to arrange an appointment with the Principal.
Step 4
The final option is to write a letter addressed to:
Mr Tim Sage
Chairman of the School Board
Penrith Christian School
PO Box 66


Please note: If you feel that an issue is of a very serious nature affecting the immediate safety of your child or other students, it is important that you speak directly to the Principal.