Students are not permitted to be on school premises before 8:00 am, unless attending Before School Care, as playground supervision is not available prior to 8:00 am.


The Education Act requires each child of school age to be in school each day that the school is open. If your child will be absent from school, you are requested to contact the school before 9:00am with this information. This can done in the following ways:

  • Voicemail: leave a voice message on the PCS Absentee Hot Line 4737 4385

  • Telephone School Reception4737 4300

  • SMS: send an SMS to 0451 683 888 (NOTE: this number is ONLY for SMS - please use the above Voicemail number of voice messages)


Penrith Christian School has a messaging system to communicate an unexplained student absence or lateness to parent/s or guardian/s using Short Messaging Service (SMS) to send text messages to parent/s or guardian/s. Personalised SMS text messages sent direct to and from your mobile phone are the best solution for student safety, attendance management and significant event reminders. It is imperative; therefore, that the school has your current mobile phone number and that the school is notified immediately if this number changes. The school will employ alternative contact methods for parents who do not have mobile phones.


Student attendance is a high priority at Penrith Christian School and we believe students who attend regularly are more likely to be successful and your child deserves the best possible chance of success.


Parent/s or Guardian/s will be informed by SMS each time their child has an unexplained absence or lateness. The school expects parent/s or guardian/s to contact the school in advance if they know their child is to be absent.


If your child is absent or late and a reason has already been provided, you will not receive an SMS.

Each school morning our computer system will automatically send parent/s or guardian/s a message explaining that our records show that your child is absent from or late to school similar to: ‘PCS records show <Preferred Name><Family Name> was absent (or late if applicable) <Day><Absent Date>. Pls reply SMS stu full name/reason/abs date.’


The message will arrive on the phone displaying the number, ‘0447 364 044’. Parent/s or Guardian/s are requested to store this number in their mobile phone contacts under ‘Penrith Christian School’ so that when the message arrives, they are aware the message has come from the school. Parent/s or Guardian/s can then reply simply by pressing the reply option on their mobile phone and adding their son or daughter’s name, Year, date of absence and the reason they are absent or late. Alternatively, parent/s or guardian/s can telephone Reception or send a note to school with their child on their return.