Stay in the loop with key information to help prepare your family for a productive and positive school term ahead.

Our key communication tool with parents is the School e-newsletter, e-PhoCuS. This is emailed each Monday to PCS families and staff during school terms, with special editions throughout the year (e.g. beginning of term updates and the annual yearbook). If you have not received e-PhoCuS, please let us know. Class teachers, Year Advisors and other staff will continue to use direct email for communications of a smaller scale, as well as ClassDojo in Primary School. 

Transition to Winter Uniform 

We will begin Term 2 with the transition into our Winter Uniform across the school, compulsory from the start of Week 3. PCS is blessed with a stylish and functional school uniform, and it is pleasing to see our students wearing it with pride. It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that high standards of uniform and personal presentation are maintained. Unfortunately, where staff need to address uniform issues, it affects our sense of community connection. Please help us to keep a positive tone in the school—where these kinds of conversations are not needed—by assuming this responsibility at home.  

  • Hemlines – skirt and dress hemlines MUST meet the knee for all students K-12
  • PCS Bag - ensure that students have the PCS school bag  
  • PCS Hat – ensure that students have the correct PCS Sun Hat (ELC-6) and Sports Cap (7-12) 
  • PCS Formal and Sports uniform are not to be mixed – please ensure students have the school jumper as a layer of warmth and do not use the sports jacket 
  • All parts of uniform are in good repair, without tears or stains. Please be aware of this when selling or purchasing second-hand uniforms also. 
  • Formal leather school shoes are required for all Years K-12 to meet our Workplace Health and Safety obligations on campus. Students will not be able to participate in lessons where footwear will compromise their safety. Appropriate sports shoes are to be worn for PDHPE practical classes and sports days.  
  • Where students may have adopted a ‘holiday’ haircut or style, please ensure that upon return to school all hairstyles are compliant with PCS community expectations. ‘Mullet’ style and other extremes of fashion hairstyles are not permitted. Please contact the school if you are unsure.  
  • In Years 7-12, blazers are not required in summer, but they must be clean and worn on occasions that require them (for example, school representation). 

Our collective adherence and respect for these requirements are gifts of fairness to one another – teachers, other parents and students in our community. Students who return to school without meeting these requirements will be withdrawn from the playground until compliance is met; non-uniform breeds non-uniform, and we are committed to setting and maintaining high standards. Of course, where unavoidable issues arise or there are matters we need to consider (for example, where uniform sizes are unavailable), please contact your K-6 Class Teacher or Y7-11 Connect Mentor so we can accommodate any temporary needs and make allowances for unforeseen circumstances.  

PCS Uniform Shop Hours & Information

Onsite Parking and Carpark Reminders

Our School is a very busy place, particularly at peak drop-off and pick-up times. Please adhere to the following protocols at all times, to ensure the safety of all students and parents in our carpark at all times:

  • When queuing for the Kiss and Go, pleaseFILL ALL FOUR LANES  to prevent cars backing into Frogmore Road – this causes gridlock in the school where traffic cannot flow out in order to allow traffic to flow in. Please be kind and courteous and merge one lane at a time at the end of the bay. By filling all four lanes, all cars will merge in the order they arrived on campus.
  • The safest place to drop-off and collect your children (if not meeting them in person), is through Kiss and Go (K-12).  
  • Parent parking in Bay 5 only NOT the exit bay – this is the bay closest to The Northern Road. Please do not park in other bays as this increases pedestrian traffic throughout the carpark, posing not only a safety risk, but also slowing traffic considerably.  
  • Parking is not permitted opposite the Kiss and Go – this area is reserved for staff and deliveries, unless accessible parking is required (these spaces are marked). 
  • Parking is always rear-to-curb – this ensures the best possible visibility when leaving the carpark when most children are around. 
  • Please follow School Staff directions to support carpark safety and traffic flow. 
  • Speed limit is 10km/h. Under no circumstances should cars exceed this limit at any time, including along the driveway to our ELC carpark. 
  • Children in Years K-4 must be collected in person by a parent/approved adult, or use the Kiss and Go facility only. Students in Years 5-6 may be collected by an older sibling and walked to parent's / carer's cars in the carpark by prior arrangement via parent(s) / carer(s) with class teachers

K-12 Parent Involvement Program (PIP) – Volunteer with us! 

PCS offers the opportunity for families to receive a credit on their school fees in exchange for assisting within the School in areas such as reading groups, iCentre/library admin, excursion supervision, and now our school canteen.  Families who participate will receive a $15 per hour credit to their school fees account once a term, to a maximum of $120 credit per family in any one school year.  This equates to just eight hours of your time a year—of course, you are welcome to assist for more hours than this! 

To receive a PIP credit, all volunteer hours must be recorded in the PIP register at our Front Reception desk. Excess hours do not carry forward to the next year, and cannot be credited to other families.  Please note that families who are in receipt of a scholarship or reduction on their fees are not eligible to receive financial credit for PIP hours. Mums, Dads, Grandparents and adult family members are all welcome to participate; each person requires a valid Working with Children Check (minimum Volunteer) available through Service NSW, and must have also attended one of our Volunteer Information Sessions since 2021. 

PCS Canteen 

New cut off time for Flexischools 

The new cut off time for Flexischools app orders has moved from 9am to 9:30am, to provide further flexibility for parents. Our limited menu is still available for late orders, until 11am.

Cool weather lunch specials

Keep an eye out for new lunch specials coming soon. This term, our delicious Wednesday Special is Butter Chicken and Rice (replacing Sushi, which is only available in warmer months, Terms 1 and 4).


Thank you to the parents who’ve put their hands up to volunteer! There will be a special volunteer training session soon; more info to come. If you'd love to help out in our busy, friendly Canteen as a regular or casual volunteer (and earn Parent Involvement Program [PIP] hours towards School fees), please email Canteen.

PCS Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) 

New Sign In and Sign Out Process

Effective Term 2, parents / caregivers and nominated pick-up or drop-off contacts will need to sign your child(ren) in and out of OSHC with their unique Kiosk Code. To do so, please retrieve your Storypark Kiosk Code and PIN via StoryPark Manage, and have these details ready when you arrive at OSHC.

To find or manage your PIN code, please see our step-by-step guide or video tutorial. These guides will also remain in the FAQs section of our OSHC web page

For further support or queries, please contact our OSHC team via email or phone 4737 4375.

Booking Cut-off times effective Term 2

To ensure PCS OSHC meets our obligations for duty of care, the safety of children and to always have the correct ratios of staff to children, OSHC bookings will close theday before care is required, effective Term 2. 

Bookings cannot be made in StoryPark after this cut-off. 
In the case of an emergency OSHC booking after StoryPark has closed, please email Jimmy Ben the night before, or, on the day please telephone 02 4737 4375 to make a booking. School Reception will not be able to take OSHC bookings. 

We understand some families require flexibility due to casual work, impromptu roster changes, other work-related concerns; we ask that a letter from your employer be directed to OSHC via email for our records, so Jimmy can be aware of and prepared for potential late bookings made by email or phone as above.