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Middle School Programs

Each grade is involved in various programs to enhance their relationship with God and each other.


We aspire to assist young people in developing a healthy self-esteem, with support programs and seminars relevant to current concerns for their age group.

  • ‘Trail Blazers’ (Year 5) – Leadership program

  • Self-esteem programs that explore who you are and the relevant issues for youth in our culture: ‘Ascend’ and ‘Blossom’ (Year 6) ‘Shine’ and ‘Strengthening’ (Year 8)

  • Road safety seminars (Years 5-6)

  • Surf safety programs (Years 5-6) and during the Stage 4 Camp (Years 7-8)

  • Peer Support programs to aid integration of new students into Year 7

  • Pastoral Care class days which support the particular class group's needs to explore issues and learn about God in a different environment such as, for example, Farm days

  • Anti-graffiti presentations that use drama to explore the effect of peer pressure and how to resist it

  • Police presentations on cyber safety - to inform students how to stay safe on the Internet

  • Study Skills program - online and presentations

  • ‘Bounce Back’ - a resilience skills program

  • Guide Dog program – ‘Puppy Pals’ is a program where students help care for and train a guide dog, to later benefit a person in the community by giving the assistance of sight and support - a reflection, in many ways, of how Jesus provides for us.


We have two School Counsellors available. Students can arrange an appointment to speak with a Counsellor by themselves, or via a parent or teacher request for assistance in, or outside the school.


Missions is fundraising to support others through activities such as:

  • ‘Go without’ where students seek sponsorship to ‘go without’ (for example chocolate) for a period of days

  • Coin collection

  • Cake stalls

  • Stage support or individual support of an overseas child or program

  • Missions trips – Darwin (Years 7-12) Wagga Wagga and Bundaberg for Flood relief support (Year 8)

  • Destiny Rescue - ice blocks sold to support the care of children in the world