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Middle School Awards

We have an awards system at PCS built on the foundations of acknowledging and rejoicing in the growth of the whole child. Awards may be given across any category and are cumulative over the student's years at school.


The main categories are:

  • Personal Learning - such as an improved mark, a high quality assignment

  • Christian Character - such as being kind to others, displaying patience

  • Service - such as involvement in various school or community activities.





Dux Award – Year 7 and Year 8

These are awarded to the students with the highest total of points based on: three points for a first place, two points for a second and one point for a third place in the core academic courses.


Dux Award – Year 5 and Year 6

These Awards are determined by calculating the overall assessment mark for a subject for the year. Each subject is then weighted, determined by the amount of time spent studying this area. These weighted marks are used to provide a score.


Excellence in a Subject

This is awarded to the student who gained first place in that subject based on assessment over the year.


Academic Improvement

This is awarded to students whose mark has improved twenty per cent or more from the Half Yearly to Yearly Exams, per subject.

Stuart Ayres All Rounder Award

This is awarded to a Year 8 student in recognition of their consistent effort and achievement across multiple areas such as: academic, arts, social and sporting activities.


The Bob Barton Community Service Award

This award seeks to recognise and reward someone who has displayed an unselfish attitude to serving others – someone who has gone out of their way for the good of those around them.


Lindsay Award

This is awarded to a student who has shown a determination to succeed.


Personal Learning Award

An award given to a student who has shown High Academic Achievement across all subjects.


Christian Character Award

An award given to a student who has consistently displayed Christian Character throughout the school community.


Service Award

An award given to a student actively involved in service to the school, peers and community.


Pastor’s Award

A student who demonstrates both Christian character and a lifestyle which honours God.


Excellence in Personal Presentation Award

In recognition of a student who has consistently worn the school uniform correctly and neatly.


Outstanding Contribution to School Event Technology Award

This is awarded to a member of the School Technology Team who shows hard work and dedication to the school by providing assistance to staff and students; and, making sure technology for school events runs smoothly.


iCentre Award

This is awarded to a student who has effectively and appropriately utilised the iCentre.


Tony Cox Service to Missions Award

This is awarded to a young person who shows us what it means to ‘go beyond’. This person uses their skills in leadership and initiative to represent Christ and our School, and to help others.


Best and Fairest (Sportsmanship) Award

This award is presented to a male and female student who have displayed strong Christian character and sportsmanship on and off the sporting arena all year. Whilst these students were amongst the best players in the sport teams they were involved in, they always displayed humility and always put the team first.


Sportsperson of the Year Award

This is awarded to the male and female student who excelled within the sporting arena and often over a range of disciplines, representing the School at various levels.