Our leadership ethos is built on having a servant heart like Jesus.

  • • Service leaders: have various roles in class for organising the class, maintaining technology, journaling within a class

  • • School groups: students are invited to join one of our many groups including Chapel, technology, or missions.

  • • Student led groups: are organised by students with teacher support. Some examples are dance (hiphop and contemporary), cinema club, chess, passion for life (singing and drama).

  • • There is leadership program in Year 5 for selected students during one term run by Pastor Allyson, Children’s Pastor of ImagineNations Church.

  • • In Year 8 we have a class leadership group who each year organise different events and missions trips, such as to assist flood victims in Bundaberg last year and Wagga Wagga, the previous year.

  • • Transport leaders who are leaders on the bus they travel on and a ‘ go to ‘ person for younger students who need assistance.


Discipline, Restoration and Peacemakers

Our school discipline

  • • Seek solutions to improve and control behaviour to build skills for a lifetime based on Peacemaking.

  • • Is restorative not punitive

  • • Provides accountability and consequences

  • • Is compiled on our data base to enable trends and concerns to be addressed.

Middle School - Leadership (Bundaberg 2013)