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STUDY SKILLS: Helping Out a Stressed Child

Many parents feel powerless to help when their child is stressed and overwhelmed about their schoolwork. It is not just senior students who experience this level of stress, research indicates that for some students this starts as early as Year 7.


If your child is experiencing stress and anxiety related to their schoolwork, here are some strategies you can try.


  1. FIND OUT MORE: Try and discover what it is that is causing the most anxiety. Does your student feel anxious about tests or assignments? Are they struggling to plan and manage their workload? Are they finding a particular subject difficult? It is very difficult to address the issue until you really uncover what the issue is. If they do not want to discuss with mum and dad, you may find asking a teacher who they like and respect to talk to them may lead to a better outcome.


  2. LET THE SCHOOL KNOW: Next talk to your child’s tutor or a teacher that is responsible for your child’s year group. You can either ask the school to investigate further and even take action to address the issue, or you can ask them to keep it confidential as you are just wanting to make them aware of the issue.


  3. DECIDE STRATEGIES: Once the problem is clear, next step is to decide what strategies to try (and you may need to try multiple strategies over time). You may have some ideas of things your child could try, you may find some ideas on the Study Skills Handbook site, or you may need to talk to teachers to learn from their expertise.


  4. DON’T GIVE UP: If a strategy doesn’t work, then try something different.       Different people will have different suggestions so google or talk to lots of teachers or other parents about the issue and see if they have other ideas you could try.


  5. CONSIDER EXTRA SUPPORT: Your child may need additional support. For example from a school counsellor, or a psychologist or a tutor. Make sure you are clear about the issue so you can find the right person to provide the additional support your child needs.


You can learn more about strategies to help students cope with the academic demands of school at http://moodle.pcs.nsw.edu.au/. Once logged in, go to ‘Links’ on the left and select ‘Study Skills Handbook’.

Boost Science Years 2-6

Our Boost Science incursion was a fun, hands-on and educational way of getting to know the world beneath our feet. Most of the people who loved the incursion came back with heaps of info!


I interviewed four people and all my results were positive. The most loved activity was panning for pyrite. An interesting fact that another person learnt is that a type of rock, called a pumice, could actually float in water!


Our Boost Science teacher thought that this would be a fun and educational way of learning and she was one hundred percent correct!


I thought this was a very fun experience; I loved it – especially watching the mini volcano!


Thank you to Physics Education who made it possible; and, thanks to all the people I interviewed for your answers.


By Faith Martinez – Year 4


A new day for students

A report by Year 6 student, Erica Loizou


At PCS, we have introduced this day called Superhero Day. Superhero Day is a day that kids can dress up as a Superhero that you like or admire. It is actually Friday 26 May 2017, but due to other school commitments, we held it on Monday 29 May. It was originally called Super Boss Day, but schools call it Superhero Day.


Most kids with a heart condition will end up having major heart surgery sometime in their life, so we are representing, that those kids are superheros for what they have been through. It is also trying to encourage students to focus about helping others, doing missions and going beyond.


At PCS, we do have some heart kids and families that know someone with a heart condition.


Heart kids Australia is the only charity for heart diseases. If you want to learn more about heart kids go to www.heartkids.org.au or call 1800 432 785.


Movie Mayhem

A movie review (Boost English activity) by Ethan Grice, Year 6


Movie lovers worldwide are ready for some of the most exciting movies ever. Australia’s newly released Cars 3; the third instalment to the popular franchise is one of the big sellers in cinemas now. Filled with moments that will make you laugh, cry, and be shocked; Cars 3 is a great family comedy for all car lovers.


Many more movies, including Despicable Me 3, have also been released. Being the next part of the series, Despicable Me 3 is a funny family film for all ages.


Editor of Penrith Press visits Year 6

This term, Year 6 have been learning how to write a newspaper report and a sports report during their Writing lessons.


Our guest speaker Lisa Power, Editor of Penrith Press, spoke to the students about her role as Editor. She taught the students: the 5Ws that need to be included in the ‘lead’ part of the article, which allows the reader to get the main facts straight away at the beginning; the importance of direct quotes from witnesses and headlines; and, how the conclusion should state what will happen in the future regarding the story.


Students have been applying what they have learnt to some sensational and interesting articles. One may even feature in the Penrith Press.


Mrs Kirsten Hanson

Teacher – 6BH