Middle School News

Jessica Smith - Pacific Games Softball Champion!

Jessica Smith (Year 6) was chosen to compete in the NSW Primary Girls Softball team for the Pacific Games in Adelaide last week. We are pleased to announce that Jessica's team won gold!


They went through the whole tournament undefeated and were crowned Pacific School Games Gold Medal winners and National champions. Jessica had a great tournament, pitching and hitting a home run against Queensland.


Jessica's family added their thanks to PCS for the support in helping her to get there.


Well done Jessica!


Carnivorous Plant Bog Garden

The Year 8, DT1 class has been working on a garden this term, but not just any garden! It’s an exotic bog garden, believe it or not.


It’s located in front of the Middle School staffroom and has several different types of carnivorous plants in it, such as Venus Flytraps, Sundews, Sun Pitchers and others. The class worked hard on the garden and is proud to present it to the school.


None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for PCS parent, Mr Colbourn, with his generosity to giving us the base for the bog garden, the soil and especially the carnivorous plants.


Please come by and enjoy it with us. Merry Christmas.


Max Kroon

Year 8


Bella Grosse - WestCare’s Helping Hands

Year 6 student, Bella Grosse, started packing WestCare hampers three years ago. Her service was birthed from a desire to make sure everyone got to have a Christmas like she does.


When Bella first heard that WestCare provided hampers to the community, she decided that she was going to, not only buy goodies for the hampers, but pack them as well. She would love to deliver them too, but WestCare has this organised.


Well done Bella! Your servant heart is a reflection of PCS Missions of going beyond and into the community.

Bandanna Day – THANK YOU

CanTeen sincerely appreciates the time and energy the students from Year 6 (pictured) gave in helping raise money for National Bandanna Day.


Thank you also to those of you who purchased a bandanna or made a donation. This year PCS raised $681!!!! All the funds raised will help fund important programs for young people living with cancer.


Cancer shatters a young person's plans for the future just when life should be full of possibilities. Through CanTeen, they learn to explore and deal with their feelings about cancer, connect with other young people in the same boat and can be provided with specialist, youth-specific, treatment teams.


Thank you PCS. You have helped make this work possible through your contribution to CanTeen’s biggest fundraiser, National Bandanna Day. Thank you for making a difference.


Janelle Shead

School Counsellor

‘Cars for Show and Cars for Go’ - 2018 Car Show

During Terms 1 and 2 2018, the Year 8 students will be participating in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Solar Car Challenge, where students will design, construct and then race their own solar cars.


STEM projects are designed to facilitate collaboration and integrated learning experiences between the Science, Technology and Mathematics faculties; providing students with rich learning experiences in developing knowledge and skills, and inspiring engagement in these learning areas.


We are in the process of organising our second Annual PCS Car Show to launch the STEM Solar Car Project on Thursday 22 February, 2017 from 1.00 pm to 2.40 pm.

We are seeking any members of the PCS community, or associated contacts, who would be willing to exhibit a car for our Annual PCS Car Show.


Categories of cars we are aiming to have on display are:

  • Vintage cars

  • Sports cars

  • Hybrid cars or alternate energy cars

  • Hot rods


If you can assist in making this an outstanding event with a vehicle from any of the above categories, please contact Ms Alisa-Maree Hayden by Friday 15th December, 2017 on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Please include the following details in your email to assist us in organising this event:

  • Name

  • Contact Number
  • Model of Vehicle:
  • Category of Vehicle (Vintage  OR  Sports Car  OR  Hybrid/Alternate Energy  OR  Hot Rod)
  • Your vehicle’s best feature or points of interest


We look forward to working with you in making our second Annual PCS Car Show an outstanding event.


Mrs Alisa-Maree Hayden

TAS Teacher