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Middle School Events

Middle School students enjoy a wide variety of events, including excursions, special days (Mahtab's Feast, Medieval day, Open Day, Book Week), fundraising/awareness days (such as ‘Go Blue’ to support autism) and leadership days (Blossom & Ascend for Year 6 students)

Camps are a highlight of each year:

  • Year 5, go to the Anglican Youth Works site, Telford

  • Year 6, visit Canberra and snowfields to gain practical knowledge of our history and government in Australia and experience the snow

  • Year 7 and 8, go as a stage 4 group to Collaroy and do different activities


Our aims for camps include:

  • Supporting students in the development of new skills and experiences

  • Encouraging students to move out of their comfort zone and to take on new challenges and develop responsibility in a supportive environment

  • Allowing time and experiences to develop positive peer relationships

  • Encourage growth in their Christian Life