Clear communication is important so parents and staff can work together to provide the best care for our children


If there are Concerns re: student health, welfare, learning, family situation, you can contact us via:

  • • Email

  • • Phone

  • • Diary note


Who to contact:

  • • Pastoral Care Group teachers for each class

  • • The subject teacher

  • • Mr Pickworth

  • • Mrs Jackson

  • • Mrs J Christie (Boost)

KLA heads of departments (subjects) reports/nights are held twice a year .


How to help your child

  • • Pray

  • • Working together

  • •Parents expectations are the most powerful factor in encouraging a student to do their best

  • • Be alert re social media

  • • Check diary and use as a discussion starter .

  • • Encourage independence and responsibility

  • • Provide boundaries

  • • Support a study timetable

  • • Encourage students to find solutions to problems

  • • Encourage helpful behaviours


If students say “But mum I have no homework”, you can suggest

• Study Skills online through school website 7-12

• Read …Read …Read

• Math tables

• Organise, glue and tidy books


Parental involvement program

Parents welcome to help with reading groups, excursion sand camps as required. Parent teacher interviews - official dates twice a year and as required with an appointment.