Junior School News

Year 1 Explores Our World

Year 1 have been having an amazing time during Term 3.


Last week the children visited Jamison Park as part of their studies in Geography. The children were able to explore the area and enjoyed recording the features of the park. They also discussed how the park can be used.


The students have learnt about natural, man-made and managed features of places and enjoyed sorting these into different categories. We have been learning about maps; and, how they contain useful information. Students made excellent group posters advertising the features of Jamison Park.


In Literacy, the children have been exploring different ways that we can care for our world. We enjoyed reading a range of storybooks, from looking after animal habitats, through to keeping our environment clean and even planting trees. The students were motivated to make posters advertising ‘No Littering’ following our reading of the story Litterbug Doug.


Year 1 is full of Super Writers. We have been writing Book Reviews in preparation for Book Week. We have also been learning about how to persuade others to our opinions, using posters and persuasive expositions.


In Science this term, we studied sound and light in the topic ‘Look, Listen’. Students experimented to learn how sound travels, using balloons and guitar strings. Both classes developed their understanding of sound and light in the real world, by bringing in and discussing various items that make sound or light from home.


Mr Steve Huxley and Mrs Ruth Phillips

Year 1 Teachers


Penrith Regional Gallery Excursion