Junior School News

ICAS Science Competition Awards 2017 - Years 2-6

Congratulations to our Years 2 to 6 students who were selected to take part in the ICAS Science Competition this year. They achieved fantastic results as listed below:




  • Alicia Weir

  • Annelise Zoutendijk


  • Ethan Scott


  • Emily Dowling

  • Evie Hall

  • Angelina Huxley

  • Charlotte Miller




  • Caleb Baines

  • Lachlan Wild


  • Nicholas Nelson


  • Alannah Little


  • Hamish Burke

  • Adam Marczak

  • Paige Roesler

  • Zara Stanford




  • Ethan Bennett

  • Megan Garratt

  • Benjamin Schofield


  • Ryan Medbury


  • Jackson Clarke

  • Faith Martinez

  • Jack Robbins




  • Zoe Gee


  • Cameron Armstrong

  • Ryan Burke

  • Levi Green

  • Tyler-Eve Mair

  • Ethan Saw


  • Hiruni Goonasekera

  • Sarah Wilson




  • Vaughan Todd


  • Isaac Dickson

  • Jai Vella


  • Alexander Huxley


  • Isaac Cavanagh

  • Emre Dalkic

  • Keegan Healey

  • Sienna Stanford

2017 Presentation Ceremonies

Our end of year Presentation Ceremonies are fast approaching. A magnetic postcard for your fridge will be sent home with students on the first day of Term 4. In the meantime, here are the details for your diaries:


Tuesday 12 December - 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm
Wednesday 13 December - 9.00 am to 11.00 am
Wednesday 13 December - 11.30 am to 1.00 pm


Monday - Wednesday Students:
Wednesday 29 November - 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm
Thursday - Friday Students
Thursday 30 November - 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm


Wednesday 13 December  - 1.30 pm to 2.45 pm

Book Day 2017

Book Day 2017 was fantastic! There were brilliant costumes, activities, Book Fair, displays … it was all happening at PCS!


Our Prep to Year 4 students enjoyed terrific talks by Lost Sheep author Andrew McDonough, and the Boost Drama students gave a great performance of a play based on his book Peter the Fisherman. Students from Years 5 to 11 heard from author John Heffernan, and participated in a variety of activities throughout the day. Year 7 and Year 8 students had worked really hard to put on a Book Expo which was visited by Junior School students.


A highlight of Book Day each year is our Book Parade, where we get to see our students in some amazing book themed outfits. This year, a special part of the Book Parade was a thank you to Mrs Helen Thompson, who has done amazing things with Book Day at PCS for almost 25 years, and has enjoyed her last Book Week this year before retiring.


We enjoyed a special PowerPoint presentation with some great photos of some of the many Book Days over the years. Mrs Thompson will be very missed next year, but we are all excited for her and Mr Thompson as they retire on to some new and exciting adventures together, and we pray God’s continued blessings over their lives.


Thank you to everyone who participated in Book Day this year and to those who contributed to our Book Fair and cake sale. We think it was a huge success and lots of fun! We look forward to doing it all again with you next year.


Mrs Melinda Brinks and Mrs Bethany Evans

iCentre Aides


Year 4 Transition to Middle School Evening

There is only one term left for Year 4 before their journey through Junior School ends and their Middle School adventure begins.


On Tuesday 12 September, we had around 85 Year 4 students and parents attend the Transition to Middle School Information Evening. This was a fantastic opportunity for students and families to learn about the differences between Junior and Middle School at PCS, meet Year 5 and other relevant teachers, tour facilities and get a taste of Year 5 via an interactive expo.


Many thanks to the Heads of Middle School, Mrs Janis Jackson and Mr Bob Pickworth, and to other teachers, for making this evening a success for Year 4 students and their families. The iCentre was buzzing with the sound of happy interactions.  Year 4 are now so excited about starting Middle School in 2018.


Mrs Belinda Garratt and Mr Lachlan Whale

Year 4 Teachers


Here is what some current Year 4 students now think about Middle School:


I am looking forward to Surf School as I think it will be fun. I also can't wait for Year 5 Camp and getting to play on the School Oval. The Technology and Band looks great, as well as Visual Arts, Science and Maths.



I am looking forward to Middle School because we get to wear the new uniform and play on the new oval at lunchtimes. However, I am also looking forward to joining the Puppy Pals team.



I am looking forward to making solar cars in Year 7. I am also going to enjoy playing in Middle School because you get to play on a full field.



I was worried, and now I feel comfortable and excited about going into Middle School. I am also excited about technology, music, my teachers and my lessons.



I am so excited for next year’s camp (and we get a rest day afterwards). I like music, art and technology a lot, so I’m pretty sure it will be a great year. I’m sure that God has amazing plans for the year ahead.



I am looking forward to having new teachers, cooking classes, getting to make things and using the Science labs. Playing on the new oval will be great too.

Isaac K


I am excited for the oval, Band, Art, classrooms, and Design and Technology. I’m thankful for all of the teachers and other staff at PCS because they are all awesome, and will help me through my goals. I can’t wait till next year.



When I reach Middle School I am very excited about many things like Science, Sport, camp, new teachers, using technology and excursions.



At first I was really nervous to go to Middle School, now I am so excited as it sounds like so much fun. The classes sound amazing and I can’t wait for Year 5 Camp.



I am looking forward to building my own solar powered car and getting to work in new classrooms.



The Middle School transition night was helpful because I got to learn what changes I should prepare for and what things we will be doing. I am really looking forward to Puppy Pals and Music.



I am looking forward to making solar cars in Year 7. I am going to love camp, staying for two nights and doing good activities. I am going to love Puppy Pals; training the dogs to do good stuff for people.

Isaac B


I am excited to do Science in Year 5. Also, I am looking forward to wearing our own Middle School outfit and that we get to play in other areas.



Writing in Kindergarten

Kindergarten are fantastic writers. They have progressed from having their ideas written down by the teacher to writing whole sentences in the short space of three terms.


We began the year with simple recounts and have continued to write each Monday about things they do on the weekend. Most children began by writing lines for each word, then progressed to adding the starting sound for the words and have now progressed to sounding out whole words. It has been wonderful to see the children learning basic sight words and applying them to their writing.


Narrative writing was a highlight last term and the children wrote some great stories. They began by planning their story with pictures and then writing details about characters, settings, the problem and a solution. Many of the stories featured animals rescuing each other. We were thrilled to read about animals helping their friends out of tall jungle trees and skillful application of bandaids on injured animals.


This term we have enjoyed researching frogs and writing information reports. We started by developing word banks containing words and phrases describing all they knew about frogs. We moved onto writing sentences describing frog behaviours and finally wrote about the life cycle of frogs, which included wonderful diagrams to accompany their writing.

The icing on the cake this term was procedure writing. Kindergarten were excited to learn that recipes are procedures. We discussed the need to list all of the materials required first, then list the steps needed to make certain foods. We spent a lot of time learning about verbs; action words that start each of our procedural statements.


One of our favourite topics was ‘How to make Fairy Bread’. To assist the accurate recall of the steps in that recipe, we made and ate Fairy Bread. It was amazing to see the writing the children produced, even after sampling the sugary treat!


Mrs Jenny Allen, Miss Janice Ballardin, Mrs Jenny Mahoney

Kindergarten Teachers