Reporting System

Reporting & Assessment

Student development is assessed in both formative and summative ways, which helps teachers to plan appropriate experiences and also to report appropriately to parents. Students’ reports are compiled at half year and end of year, and most subjects are graded using the ‘A to E scale’ required by government. Assessment is required to be referenced against student development as identified in curriculum Outcomes, and is graded using the Common Grade Scale developed by the NSW BoS. Of course, academic performance is only part of the picture as far as assessment is concerned, and therefore student engagement is often the best measure for determining whether a child is achieving appropriately. Much of the data related to achievement and engagement is increasingly accessible to parents using the school website portal for their own child. Nothing is quite the same as a face-to face chat with the class teacher, and there are a variety of ways that this can happen, depending on the nature of what you wish to communicate or find out.