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Junior School Curriculum

The Junior School Curriculum is designed to assist young children develop their potential as both people and as learners. We aim to inspire students to be curious about the world in which they live and the living God who created it. Children are challenged to develop skills, knowledge and values which are not only important to becoming competent learners but also to becoming socially aware citizens who know the value of friendship and are able to look beyond just their own needs.


Recent changes to the National Curriculum, resulted in NSW schools being required to introduce new curriculum for English, Mathematics and Science. Our Junior School Curriculum Coordinator and Junior School staff worked hard to write curriculum policy that is not only of an excellent standard, but is also challenging and inspiring.


National Curricula have adopted an enquiry-based learning style (pedagogy), which involves students in problem solving, communicating and experimenting. It is very hands-on and interactive, and staff are excited about student learning, as students are engaged in new and challenging ways to learn. This emphasises skills and thinking as much as knowledge, and is a positive way to equip children to be prepared for a society that is changing more rapidly than ever before (21st Century Learning).