Kids Cancer Project

Many members of our school community know our gorgeous Kindy student Evie (sister to Alicia and grandaughter of Mrs Jagger, Head of Senior School).


Evie was two years old when she was diagnosed with advanced neuroblastoma, meaning cancerous nerve cells had spread throughout her body and into her bones. For the past four years, Evie, has been taking powerful drugs and undergoing neurosurgery and chemotherapy to beat the cancer.


Last week, Evie (along with her mum Sarah and sister Alicia) appeared on the front page of The Sydney Morning Herald (CLICK HERE to read the full article). They are helping the Kids Cancer Project to raise awareness during Childhood Cancer Awareness month, in an effort to raise $350,000, which is enough to support three researchers dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancers.


You can show your support by buying a gold ribbon or making a donation at:




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