Year 9 Urban Challenge

In Week 3 this term, Year 9 embarked on The Urban Challenge camp, where we aimed to give them  the ultimate real-world urban experience. In small teams, each with a teacher and an Urban Challenge Guide, students walked, caught trains, buses, light rail and more on a fast-paced unfolding adventure through Sydney and surrounds. Teams completed urban-flavoured activities, clue chases, meal preparation, money challenges and much more along the way, on a quest to be crowned champions.


Students get a taste of what it’s like to plan and travel around the streets of Sydney, prepare and eat in its restaurants, budget and spend their money, and enjoy some of the accommodation on offer.


They also competed in team challenges where they could earn valuable points; Dragon Boating, Cockatoo Island, 10-pin bowling were all crowd favourites. The students loved getting involved in this awesome experience which provided a slightly different flavour to a traditional camp. They learnt skills, overcame obstacles and built relationships that will leave a lasting impact. Year 9 took on Sydney, and they won; particularly Team 4, who were our Urban Challenge Champions for 2020.


Aiden: I really enjoyed that we had the freedom to control what we did, when we did and how we did it. It taught us to have responsibility, which was great.


Jade: It got a lot of us talking to people we normally wouldn’t and it brought us closer as a Year group.


Laura: I loved that we got to have cool dinners and finish the nights together. It was great to be able to reflect as a group on all we’d achieved.


Mitchell Clarke

Year 9 Wellbeing Mentor


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