Year 9 Jazz Concert

During lunchtime on Thursday 30 August, students from our Year 9 Elective Music Class put on a concert for our entertainment at School. The event would normally have been performed during the evening in the café, but due to COVID restrictions, this wasn’t possible.


This group of talented musicians performed Jazz pieces in a range of styles that showed precision, fastidious preparation, and a wonderful ability to communicate their pieces to the enjoyment of all. Part of their assignment was to include a designed solo section in their pieces, which was composed and performed to an impressive standard.


The quality of the concert was widely commented on by those in attendance, and while parents and family members weren’t able to enjoy the performance in person, the event was filmed in order to be uploaded online for parents to share in the experience.


The students did themselves proud, and as they were reflecting on the performance together, they definitely had a feeling of excitement about their future development and a desire to continue to achieve a standard of excellence in the years to come.



Matthew Woods

Head of Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)


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