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Year 8 ‘PLACE’ Survey

In Year 8 Geography, students are working on ‘How to collect data from a Survey’, which they have found challenging and interesting.


Their tasks were in depth and included:

  • Creating a survey or questionnaire on ‘Place’ (Why residents live at their current location)

  • Accessing Survey Monkey to get direction on ‘how to create a good survey’

  • Considering key aspects of location (i.e transport access, proximity to work, sports facilities, cost of purchase, shopping centres, medical facilities etc.)

  • Creating seven questions to collect data on the reasons behind why the person completing the survey chose to live at their address.

  • Surveying three people (one relative, one neighbour, one other)

  • Giving the survey a title and instructions on how to complete the survey

  • Editing and re-editing questions to ensure reliable and valid data.


Well done Year 8 - this was a tough task and you have been completing it with diligence and insight!


Mr Bob Pickworth

Deputy Head of  Middle School

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