Year 7 Japanese



Japanese has been a blast this year and the Year 7s have had a lot of fun learning the Japanese language and about the culture. On the last day of Term 1, we learned about the Setsubun Bean Throwing Festival. This is a festival celebrated on February 3 where Japanese people wear demon masks and throw soybeans at each other to ward off bad spirits. Of course, we have the assurance that Jesus Christ conquered sin and death on the cross and that He is greater and more powerful than any demon – even the demons trembled at His name! It was fun to partake in this cultural festival by throwing plastic balls (we didn’t have soybeans) and designing masks, as you can see in the photos. We now have these masks stuck up in our Japanese room.


In Week 1 this term, students learned about how Japanese people celebrate Valentine’s Day and White Day by making origami hearts. In a nutshell, Valentine’s Day is for the girls to give gifts, whereas White Day is for the guys to give gifts, 1 month later. Year 7s had to think about one person to give their heart to – friend or family.


Over this year, we will be learning about a popular cultural event in Japan every month and I look forward to sharing these fun moments and photos via e-PhoCuS.


Eun Jee Rhee
English Teacher


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