Year 6 Wellbeing Bushwalk

After the rain cancelled our Wellbeing Day in Term 1, Year 6 were very excited to be heading out to Wentworth Falls for the bushwalk. Although the majority of students enjoyed it, unfortunately (for the teachers) the rain did begin, as we were halfway down the walk. Due to this, our day was cut short as we had to head back to school. A special thanks to Mr Wallace, Mrs Blight, Mrs Perigo and Mrs Gela who helped us throughout the day.


I loved the fantastic, amazing views from the sides of the waterfall. The smell of nature filled the air. The hundreds of steps and the narrow paths were exciting. Every step felt like a wonderful journey. – Grace


The sky was dark when we got there, but we decided to go on with the bushwalk. My friends and I chose to do the hardest walk. As we descended the steep stone steps, the rain started to dampen the rocks and trees around us. We got all the way down to the bottom (Phew!) and we looked up, a misty stream of rain showered us. The rain had activated the waterfall. We stood there in the moment, taking in the sight that we were witnessing. Then, we all realised that we had to climb the steep stone steps once again. We got back up to the top exhausted. It was raining harder and everyone was getting back on the bus, leaving for school. - Caleb


Josh De Martin and Kylie Bronson

Year 6 Teachers


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