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Year 5 Wellbeing Day

Last week Year 5 went on their Wellbeing Day to Winmalee Christian Conference Centre. The weather was picture perfect and we were all very excited.


Throughout the day we all had a go at throwing boomerangs, and many of us were successful! We then discussed how just like a boomerang is thrown with a purpose, so are our words.


We then tried our hand at hilarious teamwork activities. Our favourite was the t-shirt game. It was so much fun trying to pull the shirt on and off each other in the fastest time possible.


The real highlight of the day was the Flying Fox. After climbing up a huge wooden fort, each student hopped into a specially designed cage and then whizzed down the zip line with squeals of delight.


If this day was a taste of what Camp will be like in Term 4, then we all can’t wait to get there!!


Mrs Danielle Blight

Year 5 Teacher


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