Year 5 Science Workshop

What would our lives be without light?


This term in Science, Year 5 have been exploring the properties of light and how it enables us to see.


This week we covered two main concepts. 

  1. How light is reflected

  2. How light is bent (or refracted)


We saw how light is reflected when it hits shiny surfaces (like mirrors), which can allow us to see around corners when we are driving. We also used a periscope, just like they would have in a submarine. This one could rotate, allowing us to see in all directions!


We also saw light being reflected off a sooty egg in water. We put the egg in a candle to make a layer of soot (or carbon) on the outside, and it looked like a matte finish. When we put it in the water, it trapped a layer of air between the soot and the water, allowing the light to reflect off it and look like a disco ball!


We saw how light is bent (or not) when travelling through different liquids. We could see the test tube in water because the light is bending around and reflecting off the glass. When we filled it with oil though, it completely disappeared since no light was bending or reflecting anymore.


Finally, we dissected a cow's eye and took out the lens. We saw that the lens acted almost like a magnifying glass and that it helped to bend light so we can see better.


Kirsten Hanson

Education Support Teacher


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