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Year 5 at Camp (2018)

In Week 4 of this term, Year 5 attended Camp at Chaldercot on the Port Hacking River, run by Youthworks. 


Everyone had a fantastic time abseiling, canoeing, sailing, fishing, swimming, water sliding, rock and rope climbing, completing team puzzles and challenges, and learning more about Jesus in the Christian Discovery talks. Old friendships were rekindled and new ones forged. We were blessed with perfect weather and enjoyed great fun, food, accommodation and natural surroundings. 


Thank you Mrs Blight for your amazing organisation, time and effort and to the camp instructors, teachers and parent helpers who were fun and made us feel safe. 


Some quotes from students:

  • ‘Camp was really good for building our relationships!’  Amelia Huxley

  • ‘It was the best camp I’ve ever been to!’ Lucas Tye

  • ‘Camp was an adventurous experience shared with friends!’ Gordon Manoj

  • ‘Camp showed us a lot about teamwork and friendships and especially having fun!’ Emily Klimek

  • ‘We got to spend time with our friends and do lots of interesting outdoor activities!’ Shanice Johnson

  • ‘I thought Camp was great fun because I got to spend more time with my friends and nothing about it was boring!’ Evie McGlone

  • ‘The activities were fun especially doing them with our friends!’ Miranda Thompson

  • ‘I loved facing my fears.  We did a bunch of scary things but I succeeded with them all!’ Ethan Baker

  • ‘Camp was fun because we did things we had never done before!’ Shamman Alfred

  • ‘I loved Camp because it was exhilarating!’ Lachlan Brown

  • ‘I loved Camp because it was fun and had lots of challenging activities!’ Daniel Jung

  • ‘I loved Camp because we got to spend time with our mates and have fun together in ways we wouldn’t normally!’ Jeremiah De Martin


Mrs Tammy Fraser and Mrs Danielle Blight

Year 5 Teachers


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