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Year 4 Transition to Middle School Has Begun!

On Monday 23 October, Mrs Jackson visited Year 4 to speak about the transition to Middle School which commenced this week.


During recess and lunch Year 4 are allowed to play on the Quad, and this week they will also be able to play in the yard area. It has been lovely to see Years 5 and 6 being supportive and making Year 4 feel welcome.


As we draw near to the end of the year, students have had a chance to reflect and think about what a great year they have had so far. We are so proud of the efforts and achievements of Year 4; they continue to set a good example to the rest of Junior School.


Mr Lachlan Whale and Mrs Belinda Garratt

Year 4 Teachers


Here are some student highlights:


Going away on the Year 4 Camp was a highlight for me. The giant swing was awesome and I loved being with my friends.

Jeremiah De Martin


I have enjoyed Writing this year, especially when we wrote discussions. The Geography excursion was really fun and I learnt a lot.

Phoenix Bounassif


I have really enjoyed Maths because I had the opportunity to go to Boost Maths. It was a bit challenging, but really fun.

Isabella Kovacs


I have enjoyed having Buddies this year because you get to communicate with the Kindies and find out about them.

Megan Garratt


This has been the best year of school for me personally. Applying for Student Leader was a big step for me, but I’m glad I did because I got selected as a Leader.

Annabelle Carbone


God showed me that reading the Bible every morning puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day. My spiritual gift is leading and serving, and also setting the example for others.

Jack Robbins


I really enjoyed English because of persuasive texts and narratives. God showed me that I am meant to serve others and make friends.

Amelia Huxley


This year I have loved Maths because of length, division and angles. God has shown me how I can do very tricky things, and to me that is a blessing.

Charlie Campisi


I really enjoyed Art because you get to do whatever you want and use light colours. I love it when you have the chance to talk to God in the morning.

Mia Gabin


I love English because I get to make my own stories and I do have a creative mind so it's easy for me. I'm glad that God gave me a creative mind. I love God and I love praying to Him; He is a great Father.

Ethan Baker


I really enjoyed PSSA this year because I liked versing other schools in soccer. I also liked playing soccer with all my friends.

Kurt Edwards


I came alive when learning about History because the conflicts were so interesting and exciting – there was something new in every lesson. God has shown me to be open to new opportunities and friendships.

Samantha Darling


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