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Year 4 Loving Learning

In Term 3, Year 4 are working extremely hard in all Key Learning Areas. They display a great heart for Missions and serving others in a variety of ways. Many students have received their pen licence and others are developing their cursive writing technique in preparation for Middle School.


We have worked solidly on persuasive writing in English and the students recently picked their own topic and wrote a thought-provoking discussion text. Please see some examples below.


Another highlight happened a few weeks ago when Year 4 went on an exciting Geography excursion to the Penrith Lakes Educational Centre. This was as part of our ‘Earth's Environment’ Unit. The students were able to learn about how the environment supports the lives of living things and how we can use places and environments more sustainably. There were lots of hands-on activities such as dip netting, bird spotting, water-testing and examining invertebrates under a microscope.




Here are some student reflections on our Geography excursion:


Aleksandar Petkovic: I like that we got to do activities that were really fun like looking for birds and dip netting. I also liked the water testing because we got to use real testing kits.


Kalielah Grant: I liked doing the dip netting because we got to see new bugs and insects, and find out what the water quality is like.


Makanaka Maenzanise: I learnt how to do water testing and learnt the names of different water birds that were around. I also learnt that the Blue Mountains used to be a volcano many years ago.


Caleb Baines: I learnt that we got to try everything first hand. I loved testing the quality of the water and catching cool invertebrates was fun.





Should Kids be Doing Chores at Home?


Do you think kids should be doing chores at home? Daily chores are very good for kids to get good feelings and can teach them some new things. On the other hand, it can be very annoying when you are in the middle of a game and you are told to stop.


Daily chores are very superb for your feelings. Getting feelings is very good for your life ahead. For example: If you do chores, it will teach you what will happen in life ahead. Do you want to have a good life?


Chores are very remarkable for your health. While walking around the house and doing chores is very good for your health. If you do chores, you might get money for a fundraiser for your school or to get a cool console. Do you want to have a cool console?


Chores are sometimes very difficult. You might be too small to reach to get something. Sometimes you can be under pressure to get chores done, homework done and getting to sports training. Chores should be done but not too much.


Daily chores can waste your time on your console. It is very difficult to get chores done and get some time on your amazing console. Chores should be banned because they can make you banned from school because you did not get your homework done for seven weeks.


Chores should be done by kids but not too much. It is good to help your parents get other things done. Do you want to help your parents?


By Lachlan Wild


Are Nurses getting paid enough?


Nurses do so much so why don’t they get paid enough? Even lollypop people get paid more than nurses. But they get paid something and isn’t that enough? They should be fine with what they get.


Nurses aren’t getting paid enough they need to get more money for what they do. They do everything, they take care of people and look after them when they are sick. Lollypop people get paid more than Nurses and all they do is stand around and hold up a sign up. Do you think lollypop people should get paid more than Nurses?


On the other hand, lollypop people stand on the road and risk their lives. Like if there is a drunk or a bad driver they could get hit. But imagine if you’re a lollypop person and you got hit or your child got hit, would you like that? Lollypop people risk their lives so we don’t get hit.


Nurses are so important and we need them, so we can’t let them quit. Scientists believe that we need nurses because they help to get us back to health.


By Kaitlyn Armstrong


Are Puppies Getting Enough Playtime?


This article is about are puppies getting enough playtime and I don’t think they are. We are at home and our parents are working and the puppy is not getting enough playtime.


What I think is puppies are not getting enough playtime because we are at school and they are waiting at home impatiently for us to get home. Also if your parents are at home working, they do not have the time to play with your puppy. Then they may think they are misbehaving and your parents might not want to have the puppy anymore and you will be very sad.


On the other hand, puppies sometimes are making their own fun by trying to catch rodents. Also playing with their toys, running around the house, and going crazy. Some puppies have big backyards and are chasing butterflies. Sometimes your puppy is just playing hide and seek and trying to find all of its toys and totally forgetting about everything else and that is fine so they would be good.


By Tyler Shaw


Are Kids Getting Enough Education?


Kids at school should listen more to get more knowledge at school. Not let their minds wander off and focus on playing video games or otherwise they won’t learn enough. On the other hand, Kids get a lot of stress when they get something wrong, they might not even finish their work meant for them.


Kids at school need to listen more to get more knowledge into their amazing heads and remember it for further education. For example, if kids don’t listen to their wonderful teachers they won’t get good marks and get a bad job and they won’t earn their dream job. Do you want your kids to be dumbfounded and not know how to do anything?


Kids get a high level of stress when they work too much and get everything wrong. For example, Scientists have proven that kids should listen and hear all the amazing knowledge their teacher gives them and to remember it. Kids might not get good marks and good grades. Do you want your kids to be destroyed by education? 


Children get a high level of stress to figure out something hard. But if your kids figure out something extremely hard and they remember it they can be smarter than everybody else. Do you want your kids to be the lowest class in every subject?


By Adam Marczak



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