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Year 4 Cinema Event

A huge thank you to the parents, family members and friends who attended the Year 4 Cinema Afternoon on Thursday 31 May 2018. You were a really wonderful and captivated audience, helping to make this event great.


Many thanks to Mrs Luisa Martinez for organising the delicious catering for the afternoon tea. Thank you to four of our student leaders who spoke with great confidence on the day: Adam M, Madeline H, Oscar G and Elsie W.


Year 4 students had worked hard in collaborative friendship groups to produce these unique iMovie trailers about their adventures at camp earlier this term.


Here are a few quotes of what students learnt through the process of collaborating with their peers:


Isaac G
'Looking for the photos on OneDrive was pretty hard.'


Mia H
'We got to know each other better as we worked on our iMovies.'


Evan W
'It was fun because we got to make a trailer.'


Shabeena S
'My group used a lot of teamwork and a lot of thinking.'


Nicholas N
'It was difficult to agree on what photos to include.'


Ansa S
'I learnt that you can work better with other people.'


Luca S
'It was fun because I had my friends with me to collaborate.'


Amy-lee P
'Sometimes our group could be silly and excited but we worked it out in the end.'


Mr Lachlan Whale and Mrs Belinda Garratt

Year 4 Teachers


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