Year 4 Celebrates

Last week Year 4 had an awesome celebration day to mark the end of finishing Junior School. Since we were not able to go on camp this year, we decided the next best things was to bring camp to us.


The wonderful team from Wedderburn Christian Campsite came and set up so Year 4 were able to do our camp activities on site. Students got to test their accuracy as they learnt the skills of archery and played archery golf. They also cooled off from the heat during a battle of water skirmish with giant inflatable barriers to hide behind. The last activity was all about team building skills where students had to think on their feet and work together in order to complete the challenges.


Although it was hot, the students coped really well and enjoyed fun activities with their friends.


In the afternoon, the students were then treated to a special afternoon tea in the school café area. Students sat and ate together in their friendship groups, showed off their amazing centrepiece table decorations they had created, and dressed up for the photo booth.


Lachlan Whale, Belinda Garratt, Catherine Ratcliff and Janice Roberts

Year 4 Teachers


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