Year 4 Camp and Cinema Afternoon

On Thursday 22 to Friday 23 April, Year 4 went for an overnight camp at Wedderburn Christian Campsite at Wedderburn. The students were keen to undertake some new activities in the outdoor environment and enjoyed a range of activities.


Students enjoyed outside free time, including play equipment, volleyball, football and overhead 9-square volleyball game. The Giant Swing and Flying Fox enabled the students to overcome their fears and take new steps in challenging themselves. Archery built skills in hand-eye coordination and strength, and Laser Tag enabled students to work as a team and use new equipment to achieve group goals.


The students enjoyed staying overnight in cabin rooms with their friends, which for some students was their first overnight school camp. The bonfire and marshmallows were a favourite, even though the weather was quite cool. The night bushwalk with torches was also an experience to see God’s world in a new way. We particularly would like to thank our parent helpers who attended camp along with the Year 4 teachers. Year 4 had a fabulous time at camp.


On returning to school, the students spent several weeks in groups creating iMovies based on their camp experience. They used photographs and video footage taken at camp, to make an iMovie trailer. These movies were shown at our Year 4 Cinema Afternoon on Wednesday 26 May to our family members. The students’ creativity and experiences were highlighted, and appreciated by all.


Well done, Year 4.


Ruth Phillips and Lachlan Whale

Year 4 Teachers


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