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Year 4 Camp

A report by Laura Whitehouse


WHO: Year 4 at PCS

WHEN: Thursday 18 May to Friday 19 May

WHERE: Wedderburn Christian Campsite


Year 4 at Penrith Christian School went to a place called Wedderburn Christian Campsite and had great fun. We went from Thursday 18 May to Friday 19 May.


Some of the activities we did there were rock climbing, a flying fox and a gigantic swing. Some people from Penrith Christian School who have gone to camp were interviewed, and asked a few questions.


We asked Megan, what was her favourite activity and was anything challenging for her and she answered with:

  • The giant swing was my favourite

  • I found the giant swing and the flying fox challenging


And Emily answered with:

  • My favourite was rock climbing

  • I found most activities were challenging at some point


We also asked our teacher, Mrs Garratt who came with us, did she have any adrenaline rushes, and with what; and also, did she find anything scary and this is what she said:

  • Yes, the giant swing

  • No, I didn’t find anything scary



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