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Year 3 on the move

It is so exciting to see the growth in Year 3, which has become quite apparent from the start of the year until now. They conducted themselves fantastically, very settled and very capable, as they participated in Orientation Day and experienced Year 4 for the first time. 


Term 4 is an exciting one, bringing the culmination of so much learning and the fruit of many skills. Last week we were measuring area in various places around the playground, using a newspaper metre square made by the students. We have been creating dioramas in Art that are inspired by artist Pro Hart’s landscape paintings of the Outback, and transformed into 3D imagery. We also painted landscapes using watercolours, with a focus on layering colours and shapes from the background to the foreground. 


Many students have learnt to recite the poem 'My Country' by Dorothea Mackeller and received a special in-class certificate for their efforts. We have been enjoying writing narratives about the worst or best Christmas play, and writing short poetry about ourselves. 


It has been a wonderful year with so many adventures. As teachers, we will be sad to see them go at the end of the year, but very proud of their accomplishments and excited to see them continue to the next stage of their schooling. 


Mrs Dawkins and Miss Welsman

Year 3 Teachers


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