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Year 3 in Term 4

Wow, we can’t believe we are already half-way through our last term of being in Year 3!! Our term started off with a lovely visit from some of our grandparents. We learnt about their life and what it was like for them growing up. We also got to create some pretty awesome mini grandparents rocking out with a guitar.


In Creative Arts, students have been busy exploring different aspects of Australia and have been creating dioramas to portray Australia. We are impressed by their imaginations and their engagement in this activity. They are looking AMAZING! Students have designed and created waterfalls, camp fires, Ayers Rock, the Harbour Bridge and the Australian Outback. They scurried around the school searching for authentic resources to use and then brought in some objects from home. They have been busy painting and gluing to turn their cardboard boxes into works of art.


We have enjoyed running Grade Chapels. We have been learning about the Fruits of the Spirit and about how God has a plan for our lives. Each class rehearsed and performed a song for their peers and participated in leading us through prayer and Bible reading.


In Science, we have been discovering about the transfer of heat. We have explored the three ways heat transfers. These are through conduction, convection and radiation. Students looked for objects that produce heat in their own homes and got to present their findings to the class.


In Geography, everyone has loved exploring Australia’s neighbouring countries. They have been researching about what it would be like to live in a different country. They have been working collaboratively and focusing on population, natural disasters, climate, transport, clothing and food.


Thank you Year 3 for being so amazing and we wish you all the best for your adventures in Year 4!!


Samantha Dawkins and Skye Welsman

Year 3 Teachers


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