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Year 3 in Action

What a fun time we have been having in Year 3 lately! The students worked very hard to be prepared for Naplan testing and were able to complete their tests with diligence and calmness. We are certainly proud of the effort they put in.


Below are some of the other things we have been enjoying in Year 3:


Robots – The students designed, created and decorated robots made from junk materials. Some of their robots had dual functions and some were nearly as tall as they were, kneeling down. 3D art is always fun and provides an opportunity for students to consider height, width and depth to create a form that is potentially interactive.


Angles – In Maths we are learning about acute, right, obtuse and straight angles. Students worked in pairs and made their own angle devices to identify angle types in the classroom. They also participated in an interactive Maths game called Alien Angles, where they had to create an angle with a given measurement, to find the aliens.


Celebration Posters – Students worked in small groups to research and present information on a specific celebration. They used written information and technology to aid this process. They then produced and presented a poster to the class and shared what they had learnt.


Class Pets – Our mice from Term 1 returned to the farm after having a second litter of pinkies or pups. We enjoyed watching them grow from birth through to four weeks old. The students loved watching the parent mice look after the babies and we took regular note of the pups’ stages of development. They did smell a little. Now we have stick insects (which don’t smell at all), who love to munch on Murray Gum leaves.


The rest of the term promises to be just as exciting, with more to learn and experience together!


Mrs Samantha Dawkins and Ms Skye Welsman

Year 3 Teachers


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