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Year 3 Geography: 'Places are Similar and Different’

During this term, Year 3 started a new Geography Unit called ‘Places are Similar and Different’.


In one of the lessons, the students researched landforms and could choose either mountains, rivers or deserts. They were asked questions about landforms to get their creative juices flowing. They considered what landforms are and what different things could be found there such as types of soil, weather, animals and plants. Students then researched their landform choice using iPads and laptops. They used the information they gathered to create a poster with facts and pictures.


Once they had created their posters, students were put together with a partner who had a different landform poster. The students then had the opportunity to be a ‘teacher’; they taught their partner about their chosen landform using the poster to guide them. Taking turns, they were taught about a different landform in the same manner. Students thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of ‘teacher’ and it was a great opportunity for them to show their partner what they had learnt during their research.


The students were also given the opportunity to present their research and posters to the class, and to answer any questions their peers might have had.


Once every student had taught their partner, and received instruction on a new landform, they returned to a whole group situation and reflected on what they had learnt. We discussed how the landforms can be compared; how they are similar and different. The students came up with very informed responses, such as how the soil in a riverbed is different to the sand in the desert, or how mountains are made of rock and rivers are made of water.


The students learnt a lot during this activity and proved to themselves that they can find new information and learn new things by doing research and listening to a friend.


Mrs Jenni de Villiers and Mrs Marion Matthews

Year 3 Teachers


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