Year 3 around the globe

Year 3 have been enjoying a journey around Australia’s neighbouring countries in Geography. We have explored what it would be like to live a day in the life of a child in the Philippines, Japan, New Zealand and even Papua New Guinea! Students have chosen the country they were most interested in to research and write a letter to a child in Australia, imagining they were living in their chosen country.


In Literacy, Year 3 have been exploring stories about Australia. Over the past two weeks we have been learning ‘My Country’ by Dorothea Mackellar and are about to choose our own poems to recite in class. We are looking forward to completing our narrative writing and try our hand at writing our own poetry in the remainder of this term.


Art has been so fun, where we have been inspired by Van Gogh, painted the Harbour Bridge, and created dioramas around our beautiful Australian landscape. Students have produced a variety of scenes such as beaches, deserts and bushland.


Don Bosco was a lot of fun for Sport, where students showed skills on the trampolines, table tennis, on the indoor soccer field and shooting hoops! Some tried their hand at foosball and doing chin-ups on the bars. There was cheering over winnings at the pool table and lots of teamwork and encouraging words.


In Science, we have been exploring heat transfer and are learning terms such as conduction, convection and radiation. Students are more aware of fair testing and safety during experiments. We love to learn about our world and how amazing God has created the things around us!


We are excited that Miss Welsman is back and are thankful for Mrs Davies in her absence.


Students are currently reading about what happened at the first Christmas in their Bibles and we are constantly reminded of the love of our Saviour and His rescue plan for us all.


Samantha Dawkins and Skye Welsman

Year 3 Teachers


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